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Re: Third party batteries for the EM1ii (and EM1X)

I can't speak about capacities yet, as both the camera and the extra batteries are fairly new additions to the household.

Intelsilo, My one claimed it was charging in the genuine charger, but gave pretty much zero life when inserted in the camera or grip.

Hence I bought an ExPro twin battery mains/12v charger direct from ExPro, which was only a couple of quid dearer than ebay/Amazon.
This charges up the Inselsilo OK, and when the battery is used in camera or grip, you do get the warning about using a non-Olympus battery on the camera's screen.
Seems to work OK though and appears to have reasonable life, but too soon to tell properly yet.

DotFoto, I haven't tried to charge from flat in the genuine charger as I wanted to be sure to have a fully charged battery when I went out for the day.
Charges OK on the ExPro charger and doesn't generate the non-Olympus warning in camera.
No idea of the life yet as I failed to flatten the Intelsilo when I went out yesterday,
About 500+ photos round a local pond (well I was playing with settings) using 300mm F4 with lens IS enabled. back screen in use all the time.
Power showed about 30% remaining when I got home.
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