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Re: In praise of Tarkovsky

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
Yes - it's in my 'Top Ten'! It's deeply unsettling, especially seen for the first time. I must read the book that it's based on (Roadside Picnic) sometime.

(For those that are interested, I've got a download of 'Stalker'.)

Reading the Wikipedia page, it doesn't stick closely to the book, and reminded me of how troubled the filming was. One account said he shot exterior locations for a year before returning to Moscow to process the film, and lost the lot as it was unfamiliar stock that was ruined. He sacked the cinematographer, and shot it all again. Much of the shooting was done in dangerous abandoned industrial sites, and several of the crew died later, probably from prolonged exposure to various toxins.

This account of the filming by one of the crew looks worth a look:

I recorded it on an old HDD recorder I no longer use much, and stupidly deleted it. Wish I'd kept it now, though you need a few years between viewings I think! Is your download in a transferable form Jim?
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