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Talking Re: HLD-4 and AA Cells.

Originally Posted by Graham_of_Rainham View Post
When I first heard about this issue, I thought it might just be a voltage problem as some new technology AAs have high capacity but a lower voltage than the old tech AAs. So I started doing measurements.

The BLM1s say they are 7.2V but measure a no load voltage of a fraction over 8V. Old AAs consistently put out 1.5V and new Ni-Mh 1.33V (no load)

So it can't be voltage levels that is the problem

The old Alkaline AAs will push out up to 8A, with new Ni-Mh 2700 up to 12.5A (Short Circuit) However you can't measure the full potential output of a BLM1 because: a. It has short circuit protection inside the pack & b. It will damamage the pack if you short it out with a meter.

But I simply could not let that stop me, so I took an old BLM-1 apart in the name of "research"
(I'd love a replacement as a reward for this )

There are two 3.7V "cells" inside (measured at 3.9V) but the interesting part is that each is capable of pumping out over 20 Amps (my meter tops out at 20A)

So draw your own conclusions as to why AAs simply won't do the job.

Just for the sake of it I tried a few types of AAs and they all showed RED Low power straight away and some wouldn't even activate the shutter...

What would be really nice is for Olympus to get one of their techs to present the full facts of this issue and perhaps even recommend a battery that can do the job.

You have far too much time on your hands!
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