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Re: New owner today

Originally Posted by Justin44 View Post
Just spent a few days in Berlin with mine and that beautiful 17mm lens. It's a joy but as my first Olympus it's a learning curve. Why does P on the dial mean auto I thought it was program? And first time I turned mine on I thought it was broke, soon as I hit the button I heard a sort of grey noise as if a speaker was crackling, phone call to wex told me to call Olympus where the very helpful man (obviously used to the question) informed me it was the in camera stabilisation, as with everything "Every days a learning day"

Now can anyone tell me if the 14-42 pancake is a good lens or to much of a compromise?

I have the 14-42 pancake and love it. Wonderfully small and ideal for a `walk around lens`when out and about casually.I always take it on days out with my partner when taking shots is secondary to enjoying ourselves. Have used it for close up work too- does a great job with flowers and plants. Its never going to be in the same league as the PRO lenses of course but in my opinion it is a `must have.`

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