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Re: Recommendations for E3 Raw Development?

OK then... here goes - not nearly anywhere near the same impact as the one I already posted, but shows 'some' of the mood I made an attempt to capture.

1 - Wished for a slower shutter speed here which would have made for a much better impact with the moving train. Managed to get the RoT right though

2 - Quite quiet at another location... trains were quite full, but the stations were sort of empty!

3 - Even the walkways were empty too!

4 - Captured this on the way into one station - what caught my eye was an attempt to get the RoT correct with the pillars. Sort of pleased with the unusual cluttered effect I ended up with. Nothing too good, but OK'ish!! I find the car (bottom left) a little distracting though and may remove it.

I have more but they are 'players' really and I've only been messing with them. That's what I find with urban/street/candid stuff - I am really very very new to this subject, and don't have a high % of keepers - it's more experimental. Whereas with portraits, especially with sittings, I have a much higher keeper % rate.

I am finding that this type of photography does interest me, and again perfectly illustrates the beauty of our joint hobby - the huge and diverse range of subject matter there is to freely experiment with... I love it, still learning, but very much loving it.

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