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Re: Recommendations for E3 Raw Development?

Hi Jim,

LightZone supports DNG, and also has a fine E-3 native RAW converter - I will keep my RAW files as .ORF (I read that DNG is potentially another sneaky Adobe trick, and not necessarily an open standard at all) - but sometimes convert a batch of .ORF's to DNG via PhotoAcute for its' superresolution, noise free output.

If I need speed with quality, I go with Bibble Pro, but I'm not so keen on the Bibble blues - much prefer Studio or LightZone.

I'm afraid you have to find your own path with RAW conversion... if I'd spent more time learning Silkypix, that would be well worth adding to the mix, but as it is, LightZone, Bibble Pro and Studio 2 all get used depending on the job.

p.s. the learning curve is considerable, whichever converter you choose... but LightZone has been the best investment of time for me, it's a fantastic PP tool.

Kind Regards

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