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Re: Recommendations for E3 Raw Development?


I've tried a few, and the one thing I can guarantee, is that there isn't "one" developer that is the best.

Currently my "turn to" software is Studio 2, but I also make use of Silkypix. Just today I upgraded my LE version of Capture One to version 4, which has E-3 capability as well.

Studio2 seems to capture more detail in the mid-tones, has the Oly colours, good noise reduction, and a neat shadow corrections tool. But every now and then I lose some highlights. Silkypix is nearly as good with the colours and detail, but slightly better with highlights. I didn't like the colours with ACR I'm afraid. and its too early to tell how good the new version of Capture one is.

I would try the trial versions of Studio and Silkypix - might take a bit of effort comparing them, and its not scientific.

I think it comes down to personal preference. I tend to go for results, but some people put things like batch facilities/speed of use higher in their priorities.

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