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Cool Re: Is there a soundproof room where I can scream, scream, scream?

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
I've just been reading some comments on another forum about the forthcoming Olympus OMD. I'm amazed at the number of people who really think that Olympus should and could fit a Full Frame sensor in this new body and still be able to use the existing lenses!

Their pathetic lack of photographic knowledge makes me wonder what the hell they think they need Full Frame for. Is their photographic ability so high that they deserve only the very best sensor performance and anything less than Full Frame simply will not do? I somehow doubt it! Almost certainly, rather than bitching about the "smallness" of MFT sensors, they'd do better to learn how to use the camera properly so that they can get the results which most of us here routinely enjoy and which their own incompetence leads them to believe can only be achieved with the Holy Grail of Full Frame.

Still, why spoil the perfect lame excuse for poor photography, "It's not my fault, my sensor is too small!"

Rant over.
Good for you John, I have said many times...all these no brainers don't even know woes in the camera that they have! (it is probably film)
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