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Re: Gave the credit card a bashing.

I have not had change to take many images worth ppsting yet.

The Bigma and EC-20 at 500mm givems me a reading of F12. This suprised me, as my calcualtion indicate is should be F13ish.

You cannot use the combo without a support.

I ahve also found that you need a lot of light to focus.....this is not suprising. However when using the combo, you cannot focus on anything that it close. I found that 6M was optimal for min focusing.

I hope the weather is OK tonight, as I want to take some moon shots.

I also had the 50mm macro arrive. First impressions.......damm sharp.

Both lenses are going to take time to learn, but it should be fun.

Next the EC-14, 25mm Pancake and maybe the 50-200mm SWD.

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