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Calling all E-410 / E-400 Owners - Advice needed please

Please would any E-410 or E-400 owners give me their views on their camera. My dear wife has suddenly announced that she would like to get a "proper" camera. She is only little and gets put off with the size and weight of my E-1 or E-3. Another thing that worries her is the number of controls, she finds them intimidating. So I thought a E-400 series camera could well be a great camera for her to enjoy the benefits of a DSLR. The new E-420 looks very nice any opinions on that from real world E-400 / E410 owners would be greatly appreciated.

The things I really like about the spec of the new E-420 is the live view and the facility to use the RM-UC1. I have a feeling that a team outing to our local camera shop will be on the cards this weekend.

Thanks in advance

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