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Re: Any php specialists out there?

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Yes, this is why I was scratching my head The PhotoPost galleries that members use relies on JHEAD to extract exif data and doesn't seem to me phased by images from the new cameras.

Incidentally, in an attempt to fix the exif problem we updated to the latest release of PHP on our servers, without any success.

I've looked a bit more at it and have reached a dead end - calculating the crop factor and using that to calculate FL from the [FocalLengthIn35mmFilm] value doesn't seem to be possible either as the values for the (focal plane )[XResolution] => 6515054/759385412 and [YResolution] => 3360327/180 - the figures are wildly different even considering the 4/3rds sensor shape - there's something really odd going on here which to me must be due to the sole fact that the phpExif function is built to be compliant with exifversion 2.2 and not 2.3 - I can't see any other reason for it.

If it's not down to this alone then perhaps JHEAD is using a library of know Crop factors and or sensor sizes etc to calculate the FL or is possibly even able to parse the maker notes to get the values that way??? it's confusing whatever the case - it'll be interesting to find the answer - if you get it...
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