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Re: Now the dust has settled... (Rant warning)

Presumably the E-M5 will remain in the range for the time being, and so will provide a lower cost alternative to the E-M1?

There should also be plenty of used E-M5's coming onto the market at more affordable prices.

More importantly, I bought my E-M5 for travelling, and to use alongside my Canon PowerShot G11. (The E5 and its lenses is quite hefty to carry around with the other paraphernalia that I need to take with me.)

However, to my surprise I have found that the E-M5 makes my E5 (and the G11) all but redundant, as it offers better functionality than both with much lower noise. The 12 ~ 50 mm zoom is not the best, but it does everything adequately, whilst Macro is pretty good too.

This being the case, I would expect there will be quite a few used E3's and E5's coming onto the market in the next few months.

The question is, how can Olympus follow the E5 when they already have the E-M5 and E-M1 in the range? And would there be there any point?

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