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Re: Now the dust has settled... (Rant warning)

Originally Posted by snag2000 View Post
...I'm not bothered that they're making an expensive camera - they always have made them - I'm bothered that there is no option for those who don't need a top of the line device. ...
Someone on here will probably pipe up with the exact details but Olympus didn't introduce the E1, E30, E300 all at once; I think it took about 6 years to get the range complete.

The PEN range, E-P1, E-PL1, E-PM1 took about 2 years to fill the lineup I believe.

With the OM-D range we have only had 18 months since the E-M5 and the second in the range, the E-M1, just realeased. Runour is the OM-D "light" next year. Not bad going to fill the range in about 2 years, so same as the PENs.

I think you will find that there will indeed be an option for those who don't need a top of the line device - you will just have to wait a bit longer. Obviously at this stage no one knows the specifications of a lower end OM-D. Once the range is established I would expect to see each one replaced on a rolling basis every year so I am sure you will find a camera that meets your needs and your budget.
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