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Re: Now the dust has settled... (Rant warning)

Originally Posted by byegad View Post
I use two Eye-Fi cards and a Flashair in my three cameras and Wi-Fi in the body would do for me exactly what they do with an ordinary card. That is transfer the images to my Nexus tablet in almost real time to check image quality and act as a back up. All three of my cameras have the capability to use one or both of these cards.

I bought into m4/3 last year and have spent a lot of money on lenses and bodies. Before I bought the E-P3 I looked long and hard at the new OM-D E-M1 and decided that as a first iteration of phase focus (Is that the right term?) it was a risky purchase. I bought the E-P3 after deciding to wait on an OM-D purchase until the first or even second Firmware update had been announced and the reviews were on longer term ownership, rather than quick test or specification sheet re-writes.

I suspect that I'll end up with an E-M1 or its follow on model at some point in the next three years. I would change my mind if an E-PL5 follow on model, E-PL5+? had the dual focus capability and good user feedback, like the E-PL5 came out with the same sensor as the OM-D E M5.

I love all my camera bodies for their differences and similarities and am thoroughly enjoying my new hobby. Each body gets used at least once a week and I take two bodies when Birding in order to have a set up for both walk around and hide work to hand as shots come up.

Would I have ended up with the amount of kit in DSLR format? No, as my pocket would not stretch to 3 DSLR bodies and 12 lenses.

To me the strength of m4/3 is that I can take Macro, Telephoto, Portrait, Landscape and any other kind of shot with the right kind of lens and with a body that allows me to change settings easily. At an outlay that would buy me a decent hobby DSLR and couple of similar quality lenses.

While Olympus and Panasonic are duking it out with camera models of increasing capabilities I merely hope that the beginner level models, like the E-PM1 and 2 continue to upgrade without the price going through the roof. Why? Because that's where the new users will come into m4/3.

The point and shoot market is coming under severe pressure from increasingly capable phone cameras and for all of the pure camera manufacturers to survive they need to offer an USP, and interchangeable lenses are IMHO 'it'.

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