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EM-1 Lock-up Information

As I have had another Lock-up today and Chevvy has reported having one previously I thought it may be helpful to ourselves and Olympus, (who I believe read this site?) to record what happens, what setting are in use and how it was resolved.

I'll start by copying across my information from yesterday (and Chevvy, maybe you would like to add yours)

From yesterday:

whilst I was experimenting with the Release Lag-time setting on Short (to see if I could cut down on the time it took for the CAF to grab the bird) I had 3 episodes of total lock up (I've reported this and await a reply from Olympus Support) Until I hear back from them to the contrary I would suggest it may be prudent to avoid using the Short setting for Release Shutter Lag with CAF.

What happened was that I heard a clunk and the EVF view jerked to the left (each time). Shortly afterward there was another clunk and the system locked solid, with the last shot showing on the LCD (which I had switched off!).

When I removed the battery there was another clunk and the system freed itself, the noise was similar to that which you here when you switch the system to Short Lag-time release, switch off and the on again
From today:

Well, I can say that it is not related to the "Release Lag-time" being set to short as today's lock-up was with this set to Normal.

The "Clunk" + EVF view shift also appear to be a red-herrings as there was no sound of that today nor sight of an EVF shift.

I had a new battery in as well, so its not the battery.

Otherwise, all setting were as yesterday and the lockup showed the same effect in that the system froze in the middle of displaying the previous shot on the LCD.

Turning the power switch on and off had no effect, the system stayed powered on and the only way to "Reboot" was to switch it off and on again, after which it carried on working normally

I have sent this info to Olympus Support (still not heard back from yesterday)
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