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Unhappy Re: Teleconverts again

Originally Posted by andym View Post
I tend to disagree with this, I have no experience with the x2 but both the EC14 and MC14 produce great results and I can't tell the difference with or without on image quality.

I actually have all three, and can't tell the difference in image quality with the two 1.4 converters fitted; the 2x is certainly a bit softer on the 300mm F2.8, though of course atmospherics may come into it as the birds are further away.

These comments come with the following caveat; the same lens on its own, and with each individual converter need to have the AF adjust set for each combination to get the best out of it.
I've noticed that it can make quite a difference on the E-5, and there seems little rhyme or reason as to which way the adjustments need to be made for each combination.

I've just checked my E-M1 before posting and noticed that all the readings I so carefully entered have now vanished, so I guess they must have been lost when I did one of the software updates.

Looks like I need to bring my lens tester over to the new house and get everything set up again.

The wires are for an LED pointer to aid setting up.
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