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Re: Lots of Noise On Long Exposures

Originally Posted by bpb View Post
If you look closely at the "noise" on that site you will see that all the patterns are identical. You can even identify the area that the one in the top set comes from in the lower ones. I don't know what it is but it's not noise in the sense I understand. i.e. It's not random.


This is what I found with my ''black dots" related issue. This "noise" appears in the same place. At the time I was shooting LSF as I had LR4.4. I have sort of got round my problem by shooting raw converting to dng and using LR4.4 as these files viewed in this way did not show the "black dots". I now have LR5.2 and cannot see the "black dots" in those same files.

What is interesting to me is that the examples given by eric in the seldom Scene photography link uses OV3 to view and display his files. If there is a in camera processing problem then just by viewing them in OV3 as a raw file is the same as seeing them as jpgs. It was Peterbirder that has raised this vailid point. in post #37 of

When I look at jpg files with this noise I cannot help but think that they seem larger in file size.

My own take on all of this is that the "noise" we see is pixels that have been given the value of zero hence black dots and that somehow they are being added by the in camera and OV3 software. They do not appear as black dots in brighter exposed pictures because there is some processing going on that looks at adjacent pixels and interpolates a non-zero value.

Maybe this sounds too crazy and I have been watching too many JFK documentary's lately.

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