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Re: Lots of Noise On Long Exposures

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
This issue of noise on long exposures is interesting and I will be doing my own comparisons now I have some E-M1s.

Hi Ian,

It is a bit of a shock when you see the noise.

I have not pointed out (I don't think?) that it didn't happen with every image I took on a long exposure last week. Which makes it even more bizarre.

I upgraded my MBP to LR5.3 on Thursday after importing and converting the days images to dng. Up until this point I had no problems. On Friday I imported the days images and saw the noise which Peter Hartland had been getting all week. He had LR 5.3.

I therefore assumed it was 5.3 which is a pre release candidate, causing the error. But on getting back at the weekend, I imported the Friday files into my iMac which is running LR 5.2 and the images still had the noise all over them. I then installed Olympus Viewer and imported as RAW images with the same result.

So the conclusion is that it was not doing it to start with, then somehow changed and is now causing the problem. Should I get the chance over next weekend I was going to carry out some more tests.

I would be very keen for Olympus to carry out their own tests and see what they find. All we users need is some acceptance that there is a problem which they are working on.

I all other respects the EM1 is a fantastic camera.

Best regards

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