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Re: E500 Constantly Re-Booting

This is an odd one.

The battery is a genuine Olympus item, and has not been used that much since I bought it about two years ago. Rightly or wrongly we assumed the battery was above suspicion, especially as it was freshly charged.

Anyhow, I swapped the battery for the five year old Hahnell that I had in my E1, and which has taken 200 or so exposures since I charged it earlier this week. This seems to have solved the problem, and my son has just been out into the field and taken a few dozen photographs without any difficulty at all (including some with the inbuilt flash).

However, the 'faulty' Olympus battery seems to work perfectly well in my E1.

I suspect the internal resistance may be too high for the load of the E500, but is OK for the E1 (which probably uses less power).

I will try measuring the internal resistance of the two batteries over the weekend, and will report back.

Thank you everyone for your feedback anyhow.

Naughty Nigel

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