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Re: Communal dragonfly and butterfly thread

Hope this post will encourage some one else to look into their archive and find their own dragonfly/damselfly sex pics.

I know there will be lots. Please don't feel shy, what can possibly be embarrassing about watching and taking photos of 'procreation' happening.

Still here is my first which I give 10 out of 10 for added danger. If I was a tabloid sub editor I might invent a pointed title...

And this one which has a bit of a story to it. I have only twice seen banded demoiselles mating. Once in the top of a tree. And this second time where I watched a very unusual behaviour. In most field guides it says the males all occupy specially selected spots next to the river. They fight for their territory and wait for a female to chose them. What I observed was this male nowhere near a river barge at high speed into a flying female, knocking her out of the air, into a bush where he mated with her. It was so fast, I doubted what I had seen.

So I later checked all of the reference books I have to see if this was normal. Most made no mention but I found one small reference to this as 'a rare behaviour' which may occur where there are too many males and the best territories are all taken and well protected. (At this site there are many hundreds of demoiselles - which is good for photography). Some males then act in this way to win a mate.

I thought it was an interesting, if unpleasant behaviour. And worth sharing.

So does anyone else have any pictures of dragonfly/damselfly action pics.
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