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Re: 4/3 adapters auto or manual

Originally Posted by Archphoto View Post
On the exposure: you can set the camera to the Aperture prefered mode, and after focussing stop down and make the photo.
Works with my E410 and E520.

Yep, forgot to add that you can use this method as well, thanks Peter.

The only issue I see here is that when I have the OM50mm f1.8 on the E-3, though the lens will manually step to f1.8, the max aperture setting I can choose on the E3 shows f2.8... weird...!

So, if I use this aperture on the lens, and I am in 'A' mode, I have to compensate with -2ev i.e. f2.8 - f2 - f1.8 to get correct exposure.

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