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Re: Scottish High Court Appeal

Originally Posted by jdal View Post
I suggest you lot read "Stories of the Law and How Its Broken by The Secret Barrister" (it's English Law though, so not relevant to the case in question)

It may transform your understanding of how and why these kinds of cases cause the baying crowd to get agitated and why the baying crowd is always wrong.

It's a brilliant, well written account of why we are where we are at today with the English Justice system, can't recommend it highly enough, particularly for the "hang-em-high" brigade. And, I might say, "where we are today" is a DEEPLY worrying place.
The English criminal justice system undoubtedly leaves a lot to be desired from all perspectives, but as a law abiding and tax paying citizen I expect to be kept safe from violent criminals, and I expect violent criminals to receive appropriate punishments that protect me, my family and others members of the public. Is that unreasonable?

In my view our 'modern tolerant and liberal' attitudes have done immeasurable harm to our criminal justice system and have made this country less safe than it would otherwise have been. Like it or not, (for what its worth I don't particularly like it), capital punishment was a permanent solution to some of society's vilest offenders.

Only a misguided Liberal would seek to justify the pre-meditated torture, rape and murder of an innocent child. I am sure the warm platitudes expressed towards the accused will be of great comfort to her distraught family.

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