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Re: WARNING: E-M1 Camera body eyelet has come away from camera body!

Originally Posted by RobEW View Post
I don't suppose there's any chance that Olympus would repair it at their own cost, given that it appears to be a design fault and a regular known problem? It's quite an old camera, bought used, not in warranty.
Very poor, not something that should ever fail under normal circumstances.
Considering its a known condition the least they could do is repair it FOC.

Canon did free repairs and still do I believe with the 5D and the detaching mirror fault. Fuji replaced the constantly falling off eyecup (and associated EVF assembly) on my X-Pro2 when it was out of warranty.
Both of the above were recognised failures and the companies concerned did the honourable thing.
Nikon did too with the oil splatter on their D600, took them a while to accept it though.
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