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Old 5th December 2018
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Re: Lens Fungus

Interesting, thanks.

It must be said that I donít know what the Elmar looked like before it got fungussed: it must be at least 65 years old, anyway.

I wish Iíd kept the rest of my Dadís gear, but only for nostalgia reasons - he had a very battered Leica III of some sort that no longer worked and a 50mm f2 in similar condition. I got a fair price for those many years ago when frankly I needed the money, but I think the 135 was at the back of the cupboard and I forgot about it.

Iíve got a number of vintage prime lenses that vary a lot when you look through them - the best is a 58mm F1.2 Rokkor (2nd version, from around 1970) that is in brilliant condition and has essentially no dust at all.

Too much Oly gear.
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