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Re: Thom Hogan slams Olympus M 4/3

Originally Posted by benvendetta View Post
He seems to equate success with numbers (the higher the better) when it should be results.
At least he acknowledges that mirrorless is the future, which we have believed all along.

Sadly, for the manufacturers, sales numbers are rather important and, if the sales charts show that pixels matter, they will play to this market. Most manufacturers have to make their profits away from those products that appeal to discerning users - these are a minority. A few, like Leica, can work on 'prestige brand image' but that's a very long game, only accessible to a few and not easy to maintain.

It used to be lens aperture. A basic 35mm film camera had to have an f/2.8 lens - quality was almost irrelevant but f/3.5 simply would not sell.
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