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Wink Re: Dust!!!!

Originally Posted by jdal View Post
Ok, cheers, I'll give it a shot. Do you guys have any recommendations as to the equipment?
This is what I do:


- SensorSwab Type 2 swabs. They're 17mm across so will fit the width of m43 just fine (m43 is 17.3mm x 21.6mm).

- Eclipse cleaning fluid. It's basically purified methanol (so will evaporate quickly and will leave no residue).

Before shot:

- Take a shot of a plain white surface with the lens defocused and at f16 or f22. Take a look - you'll be horrified at the gunk you'll see (but remember this is a worst-case scenario, you'll never see it this bad in real shots).


- I put the camera on its back and ensure it's turned off. I think turned off is better for two reasons - (a) you won't be fighting the IBIS; and (b) there is no risk of you inadvertently pressing the shutter release. If the shutter fires whilst there is an obstruction in the way, you'll wreck the shutter. I've heard others say that you should leave the camera on since the IBIS will stop the sensor from moving. This may be true (but I've never tried), but I can't help feeling that the forces you can apply with a cleaning pad are likely to significantly exceed what might occur due to camera movement.

- Prepare the swab as per the instructions (a few drops of fluid - enough, but not too much).

- Carefully put the swab at the top of the sensor and with it inclined at a slightly acute angle towards the bottom of the sensor (say about 70 degrees to the vertical).

- Carefully swipe the sensor from top to bottom, being careful not to put too much pressure on it. I generally find that the sensor will not move if you're gentle enough.

- When you get to the bottom, tilt the swab back such that it's now at an acute angle towards the top of the sensor.

- Carefully swipe back to the top of the sensor.

- At the top, remove the swab.

- Wait for any fluid to evaporate (methanol is very volatile so it should evaporate almost instantly).

After shot

Repeat the test shot again. You should find it a lot better. I doubt it'll be 100% perfect. Some remaining spots are normal but if any big ones remain, then repeat the cleaning. I sometimes re-use the same swab, but if you're paranoid you'll get a new swab for each swipe.

Hope that helps!
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