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Re: Corroson on my EM1.1

Originally Posted by peak4 View Post
Several of mine do show similar signs: I assumed it was due to salt from sweat, from when I've been to hot countries.

Also beware of insect repellents containing DEET, as it seems to act as a paint stripper and glue softener.
A few weeks ago i noticed white crusts along several areas of my em1.1 body seams. The battery grip is fine, and inside the camera battery compartment is all ok. However, on the left of the pentaprism around the evf dioptre dial it's pretty bad, as is around the base of the camera, particularly around the delete button and the rear of the lcd. There are smaller specks of crustyness pretty much all over. I wiped them off best i could and now already it's back and seems to be getting worse. I assumed it was sweat. My em1 has seen little rain and no chemical repellant and has had the grip on constantly which still looks like new. I've not used this camera in the last 6 months except for the occasional switch on and off and it has been stored in the warm and dry.

Something to worry about i think.
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