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Re: Moving to Microfourthirds

I had an E-PL5 which I really liked, I added the VF-4 EVF but it very seldom got attached and I sold it.
My E-PL5 has a vertical wheel and 4 way arrow combined control for most functions and the wheel is a bit fiddly when it works. You have to press buttons to choose between the main function and exposure compensation. Now has a habit of skipping around rather than going forwards/backwards smoothly - for that reason I never tried to sell it on.

I then bought an E-M10 _mainly_ for the better dials - exposure comp on the front and aperture/shutter on the rear. This is much better to use in a hurry than flipping between two functions on one control on the PL5.
The EVF is handy but I shoot with the screen a lot of the time too.

The batteries from my PL5, EM10 and EM10Mkii all work in all 3 cameras. I honestly never need a spare - which is perhaps my shooting style - I know others swear by having multiple spares. I wouldn't base my camera decision on that alone.

Olympus have been selling the E-M10 Mkii and Mkiii along side each other for a while. The price difference is 450 or 630 body only at Wex which is a big jump.
If the E-M5 Mkiii is released this year I would expect the Mkii to remain around for a few months - the Mkii price might drop but you'll be looking at a premium for the Mkiii for a while.

I agree with the comment above that the PRO lenses will be a handful on a PEN.
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