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Re: What is it with Olympus lens prices?

Originally Posted by Mdb2 View Post
I feel the problem is that we should have had a general election straight after the brexit vote, then we could of had a government that was actually interested in leaving the EU. The longer we drag our heels over leaving the more time the markets have to ponder over our situation. Here we are several months later and we still haven't given official notice of leaving. I wish the government would man up and get on with it! For decades now we have shut down manufacturing sold all our assets to rely on a service industry! I mean what's it coming to when we need our own power supply's to be owned and built by French and Chinese companies it's ridiculous.

Methinks I need to go lye down in a dark room with with headphones and Pink floyd loud!
Kind regards mike
So if the Tory Government aren't moving fast enough on Brexit for you.......surely that just leaves UKIP as an alternative.........Really??!!

And however hard or brutal Brexit is, I very much doubt it will have any effect whatsoever on who owns our power supplies. The two just aren't connected.

However, I'm with you on Pink Floyd. I have become comfortably numb.

Regarding lens prices, maybe Olympus is now secretly owned by Unilever - they seem to own everything else!

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