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Thumbs up Re: Camera Hand Grip and wrist support for E520 and Onuser Vertical grip.

Well after asking you folks for suggestions, I bought a hand grip for the E520 and the vertical grip.

You will probably throw things my way because I boought a Canon grip. After going through all of your suggestions and surfing the web, I thought the E1 from Canon was the best.

I installed it on my rig and what is nice about it is that it has an extra eyelet on the top strap that connects to the cameras eyelet. The extra eyelet on the strap allows you to use it for a camera strap (neck) and the the other end of the neck strap attaches to the free eyelet on the left side of the camera. So you can use either one at the same time. Just buy quick release neck strap so that you will not have to fumble taking the neck strap on and off!

The pad is very soft and since I have large hands the strap is long enough for a lot of adjustments. The ends of the strap tuck in nicely and looks very neat. Thus you do not have these pig-tails hanging out.

The strap cost $26 US and although a little steep, it does the job!

So again thanks for your help! Please don't kill me for the Canon choice. The name is all in black and cannot be seen at all.

Dennis G
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