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Is there a decent case for the EPL-3?

I am a hiker and have been happy to take different of my cameras on hikes for various reasons or whims. But sometimes I just take the dogs for a walk. I'll drive to some new spot, put leashes on them and walk for an hour or so. It would be nice to have a light-weight camera along "just in case I see something interesting."

I've been looking at a number of cameras with fixed zooms but they don't seem any smaller than my E420; so just yesterday I ordered an EPL-3, new with the kit lens. I "assumed" I would be able to find a case that I could clip or attach to my belt so I could leave it there unless I saw something I wanted to photograph. I searched eBay and but didn't find anything that struck me as appropriate. I've got an old Pentax case with a belt loop. I can probably get by with that for awhile but it is fairly bulky.

Maybe no one is using their EPL-3 in the manner I am planning, but in case someone is, I'd like to hear about it.

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