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Re: Dothill Pool and Tee Lake

Couldn't resist a wander over there tonight to check on the Swans and see if any of the 3 Coots nests had produced any young!

Sadly though it appears that the Moorhen nest has been abandoned, not seen her sitting now for over a week and the nest appears empty. All 3 Coots nests are still occupied though, still no sign of any scruffy chicks yet.

All Swans are still accounted for and they seemed to have survived yesterdays terrible storms unscathed.

Mute Swan Family 13052013 by Tim J Preston, on Flickr

Not a crop I would normally use but I thought it suited it the picture.

The feather structure on the adults is nothing short of amazing.

Mute Swan Feather Detail 13052013 by Tim J Preston, on Flickr

Mrs Swan(I think) was busy feeding on the overhanginging Willow.

Mute Swan eating Willow 13052013 by Tim J Preston, on Flickr

Then we were all disturbed by another type of bird! No idea what it was doing but it was very low, circled twice and then disapeared!

Merlin over Dothill by Tim J Preston, on Flickr

I believe it was a Merlin.

I also bumped into another lady walking her dog and with a camera in hand. She asked me if I had seen the Cuckoo tonight! Apparently one resides in an old burnt out tree at the edge of the field! By the time we had finished talking though it was too dark to go investigating. One for the weekend to look forward to!
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