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Re: Time to update my lens comparison article?

Originally Posted by j.baker View Post
Last year, I wrote a basic article on the EC-20 with various lenses.

I am thinking about updating the article to include my current and shortly arriving lenses.

I would be testing the following lenses:

50mm Macro

50-500mm "Bigma"

OM Mount
28mm Macro

All at the min and max focal length. I would also be taking the same images with and without the EC-20.

All would be on my E510 and mounted on a tripod.

I would use bear, ruler and other items as the target images.

Is this of interest, or am I wasting my time?

I would be very interested in the Bigma test.I am considering this lens for a trip at the end of May.I do not have the EC20 but do have the EC14 and would be very interested in your results with a teleconvertor.
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