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Re: Is it just me or does anybody else agree

Some interesting points there which made me think hard about my experiences with the E-P2 and the G2.

Yes, the Pen is not as "snappy" as a regular DSLR, however the G2 is better in this respect. But having said that, if I want to take "action" shots, I accept that limitation and use my E-1. And the actual experience of shooting a photograph with the Pen is enhanced by its superb feel and build quality. Really sturdy.

Regarding lenses, I have not yet used the kit 14-42 on either camera. My most used lens on both is the Panasonic 20mm. I've nothing bad to say about this lens. The 9-18 is also well used but is frustrating because it "collapses" when not in use. I also like using the 14-54 Mk2 especially on the G2, but accept that this is a bulky lens. It does feel well balanced on the G2, but goes against the "compact" nature of m4/3 bodies. The 40-150 Mk2 is good on both cameras - I'm talking here about the regular 4/3 version. Size-wise it does not feel out of place, and is ridiculously inexpensive. I've never tried the m4/3 version.

However, there are many days when I rue selling my E-620. For me, that epitomises the ethic of Olympus - quality in a small format. The larger Olympuses, whilst of high quality, could almost be just any other make.

I have recently seriously considered a new channel using medium format, alongside m4/3, but have come to the conclusion that this would just be a "fad" for me and it would end up gathering dust.

So, yes, I understand your concerns but suggest that you try an m4/3 with an EVF, such as the E-P2 or Panasonic G1/2 before you give up on the whole idea. It does make a difference, honestly!

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