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Re: Will Brits Take Action To Fight Climate Change

Most people are inherently selfish and will only do what is in their own interests, or that of immediate family.

Diet is very personal to most of us so asking people to stop eating McDonald's burgers, their Sunday roast or Friday night curry is a non-starter in the short term at least, even though a change of diet might improve our health.

I certainly avoid flying wherever possible; not just for environmental reasons but because the advent of budget airlines, small seats, overcrowded aeroplanes and present security restrictions have made flying a miserable experience for all of us. I really hate it to be honest but sometimes it has to be done.

However I feel there is general resentment to making personal sacrifices when we see massive wastage of corporate energy all around us, for example High Street shops propping doors wide open in winter; and when successive governments have made it their business to get us off of public transport and onto the roads. Having finally realised their mistake government is taxing us for doing what government wanted!

There is also resentment that we were encouraged to buy diesel cars to save the planet and are now being penalised for using them.

Public transport is far too expensive for many people and often doesn't go where we want to. I need to travel to Devizes for a job shortly. Being a reasonable sized town I tried to book a rail ticket there only to see a message saying "Destination not found". Slightly puzzled I Googled 'Devizes Railway Station' and found it was closed to passenger traffic in 1964 but there are plans to reopen it 'at some point'.

As for the loss of creepy crawlies I think Jim is absolutely right; many people would see this as a good thing. Just look at what happens when a perfectly harmless spider is spotted in the house.

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