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Re: Discussions on improvements

Originally Posted by snaarman View Post
Ok. I was going to suggest the horizon was not straight but in fact it is perfect.

I think the headland on the left is fine. I'd like to know what the picture looks like in colour, though the mono look is very nice.

I guess the obvious comment might be to try a rather longer exposure to smooth those waves more..

Thanks Pete
As for exposue time I prefer this type of movenemnet generally I use very long exposues less frequently. Also this was an occasion that spray would have rendered any multi second shoy useless.

Originally Posted by rkc View Post
Initial reaction:

Missing a foreground.
Not enough contrast between sea and sky
Too centred
What's the subject?

After some thought:

Middle (rocks) is lovely - as is texture of sea and just enough smoothing in the nearer water. I like the clouds on the horizon. But the foreground doesn't quite work for me, and the main point of interest - the gap in the rocks and the whirlpool in front of it - are right in the centre. Conventional wisdom says that's a bad idea, though I struggle to explain why. The top half of the sky is not really doing anything for the picture - perhaps try cropping off the top?
Thanks for the comment RKC it is interesting to read this and something I will consider. I look forward to seeing work from and welcome to the forum.

Originally Posted by chris View Post
I think its great as is, and wouldnt dream of giving critique to someone who is obviously on top of their game! Having said that, the left side of the picture is much nicer than the right IMO, just for the better rocks.
Thanks Chris
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