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E-420 Taking pictures in dark? and focus lag (complete novice)

Before I start let me say I am very new to photography this is my first DSLR and I am a complete novice, so please be patient and explain any answer as if you were talking to a 3 year old!

My husband and I bought this camera last year, and although at first it seemed to work fine, now I cannot seem to get it to take pictures in the dark at all, they come out extremely dark even though I can see the flash going off? What am I doing wrong? It appears I canít restore to factory settings as I think (if Iím correct) I should have set a restore point? I have tried going to M on the dial and setting the ISO to 400 on the menu (im not sure if this is correct?) but that still doesnt work

Also I used to be able to take pictures quite quickly (consecutively) but now it seems to take so long to focus I am missing the picture. One of the reasons I purchased this was that I hated that lag on my older cheaper digital camera.

Please can someone help? I really havenít a clue and the handbook isnít helping as Iím not sure of the terminology used as a complete newbie.
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