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Re: Olympus E-600 clarification

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When they say "no remote option" do they mean IR remote or will the cord remote not work as well?
I have the E-620, and the manual only mentions use of an IR remote. However, my cable remote from my E-520 still works, though undocumented.
There is no money to be saved by not having a wired remote and one needs one for long exposures on a tripod, so that will have to stay.
I keep wondering how many people use the ackward IR remote anyway: just one eye on the front and nothing on the back.

I have my E410 for 1 1/2 years now, my E520 for 10 month, have both the IR and the wired remote and have not used the IR remote because of the abscence of an IR eye on the back.

On ebay a radio remote is available that is a lot more usefull than Oly's IR.

With the E600 the existence of the E520 does not make sense, the E420/E450 does because of its price and size.

If I need a replacement for my E520 and I don't have the money for an E30 I would buy the E600 instead of the E620 with gadgets that I don't need and it's lower price-tag.

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