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Trausti Hraunfjord
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Re: Olympus E-600 clarification

Lack of art filters really means nothing, and no illuminated buttons... that's a plus (less power consumption)...

No remote option... that's the important message: "Stay away".

The price difference is only $100 between 600 and 620, and I know that I wouldn't buy the 600 model for my own use. Maybe for my kids, if it was under $200 price label, and then again...

... where is E-4 or E-5 or E-7 ... or whatever it will be named?

Canon is out with their new addition, and first responses from photographers are not positive as far as I have seen:

Here a quote from one thoughtful professional:

Hey Canon and everyone else, how about following Olympus, dropping out
of the megapixel race, and adding something that's actually useful,
And another one:

Still no intelligent bracketing. Same -2+2EV
I think we have to put some pressure on these people to make them understand.
When we look at how many do HDR today it is really hard to understand that they can not do it more useable.
E-3's replacement has to come out soon, and beat the rest of the pack in terms of quality and functionality.
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