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Re: Do We Rely Too Much on Electricity?

Originally Posted by wornish View Post
It is easy. All you need as a minimum config is a 16Gb memory card to download the free Raspbian operating system onto, plus a 5V power supply. You put the card in the RPi and connect it up to your keyboard and mouse via USB and your TV via an HDMI cable Power on and it prompts you to enter your WiFi router password and thats it

They actually do a starter kit that gives you all you need for complete newbies.

Rasbian OS (Unix) comes with Firefox web browser, Thunderbird mail app and Libra office suite (compatible to Microsoft Office), plus lots of other goodies.
It also has an image viewer for basic stuff. But you can download a version of GIMP that has all the power of Photoshop to run on it for heavy duty editing.
You can add more storage via one of the USB ports, or use a larger memory stick.

As I said its amazing, many schools now use RPi as their main IT teaching platform.

Take a look

I have the previous version RPi3B+ and use it for lots of things. I actually run a free complete astrophotography package on mine called KStars which controls my telescope and camera.
Thanks Dave. I do actually use one or two but havenít really used them much in recent months as other devices have kinda taken over their uses so Iím going to repurpose them when I get a chance. PiHole I need to revisit and maybe look at a music server of some sort.
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