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Re: Amazon price 1040

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post

I haven’t checked how that compares with the 15% direct Oly discount.

1,061.65 after discount at Oly Store, an extra 21.65, but might appeal to some as the special silver version is available at that price. N.B. A 150 'instant discount appears at the checkout stage.

There's been some good prices at Amazon early morning recently, with some lenses 100's cheaper in certain colours, possibly glitches because they've quickly gone back up again. For example the silver 75mm f1.8 was 300 cheaper than the black version for a couple of hours, plus there's the Summer/June lens cashback promotion. I think one colour of the 25mm f1.8 fell by something like 150 for a very short period.

The OMD EM1 Mk2 should have been the above price at Amazon yesterday, but the 150 'instant discount' at the checkout wasn't working when I checked. They have now changed the item price and removed reference to the instant discout. It might be worth checking if they've done that will all the kit versions, because if they've left the 150 instant discount wording in anywhere there might be a chance of getting on chat and getting a double discount.
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