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Re: Advice on lenses

Originally Posted by MikeOxon View Post
My first Olympus kit contained the 12-50mm, the 40-150mm, and the 45mm f/1.8. This trio of lenses served me very well, until I found a need for something longer. You already have a 70-300mm, so you're covered there as well.

I would say, try using what you have for a while and let your next move be guided by any limitations you feel. You are well covered for a wide range of general photography so there's no need to rush! The 12-50 also includes quite a capable macro facility.

I added a 9-18mm but very rarely use it. For most scenes, I find 12mm is sufficient and you can 'stitch' panned photos to create wider panoramas.
Thanks Mike, that seems sound advice, it appears from several member's replies that I probably have the right lenses for my needs. I think I was more concerned about using my FT lenses on the E-M1 with the adaptor and wondered if I should sell these and replace them with their MFT equivalents, it seems not necessary now.
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