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Re: Rumours that Sony has made a 32MP MFT sensor

Originally Posted by wornish View Post
A couple of points :

1. How many lenses have the resolution needed to deliver the detail the sensor is capable of?

2. The latest mobile phones do have > 40MP sensors that are way smaller than a M43 sensor and they end up doing pixel binning (i.e. combining the output from a 2 x 2 matrix of pixels) to try and reduce noise in low light situations. Maybe that's what Oly could do with this sensor, they can market it as 32MP but in effect, it delivers an 8MP image that has more dynamic range.

Who knows.
The 12-40 certainly seems to manage 50MP quite nicely, but possibly struggles at 80MP. Downsampling from 80MP to 60MP yields nice results. Thatís... ummm... what I know so far. My suspicion is you can push the pixels as far as you like, albeit with a diminishing return.
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