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Re: Rumours that Sony has made a 32MP MFT sensor

Interesting; if true of course.

How many here would buy one though?

I do wonder at what point the industry will stop chasing pixels? I could see a real advantage in producing (say) a 20 MP sensor with really good low light performance, (approaching the current Nikon FF sensors for example), but if the new sensor is little better than my present 16 MP sensor in low light I cannot really see the point except to provide better defined noise.

In any case, how many pixels do amateurs, and even most professionals actually need? Is this really about improving photography or simply keeping the production lines rolling?

To put this into perspective, Nikon reckoned that a 35 mm negative could provide little more than 5 MP of usable data [when scanned], whilst 35 mm transparency film could provide about double that figure.

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