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Re: Recent Thread Closure

Originally Posted by Tram View Post
From my point of view its all harmless handbags at ten paces type stuff.
Happy to repeat anything I've ever written face to face, hardly vile abuse.

By their own admission the vast majority on here are getting on in years a bit.
Bit ironic that some take offense very quickly yet would condemn the younger generation for being over sensitive.

Why not just let things run. what's the worst outcome?
Someone flounces off or gets the sulks, not exactly the end of the world.
After all you can just choose to not look at a particular section or thread
Originally Posted by Tram View Post
Had a wander over to the Olympics stand, but didn't think too many, on here would be pleased to see me.
No point making anyone feel uncomfortable, know some of my views are not over popular
Saw a small group with the forum name badges on (three men and a woman) but thought better of it.
I rest my case Mi Lud

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