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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
Depends on what you define as "law". Here's what has to say

Greece had a debt crisis largely of its own making. The EU and the IMF proposed a rescue package which required Greece to follow some rules as you would expect. If rescuing a country from sovereign default is "forcing your will on [that] country" then so be it. Averting a possible economic catastrophe seems like a reasonable action to me. In the case of Ireland I believe a second referendum was held following some changes to the constitution following the first, and was not "imposed" by the EU.

The same is true for our civil service. Parliament decides on legislation and the (unelected) civil service enacts it. EU legislation is debated by the (elected) EU parliament and (elected) national governments via the European Council.

O dear. What he is doing is explaining how the EU operates and clarifying some misunderstandings. Just dismissing that on the grounds that he's "protecting his gravy train of a job" is hardly a convincing argument.
It's no good Richard. The Brexit mindset has been forged by lies from the usual media outlets for the past 10 years or more. Coming up with reasonable, evidence-based arguments will not beat the ingrained delusions that so many hold. Best let them have their Brexit and just hope that we collectively return to our senses in as short as time as possible for the sake of our children's futures.
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