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Re: Corbyn at the Cenotaph

Pretty brave of him considering the 'stick' Michael Foot got when he attended wearing an anorak.

I guess he was disrespectful of the sensibilities of the others attending the event, including leaders who are doing little to end the ongoing conflicts in the World, including Syria and Yemen, and for whom the event is a sop to their consciences. Nov 12th - job done, now lets get on and clinch the latest arms deal with the Saudis.

I consider the event as little more than theatre. The families and soldiers that lost relatives a friends will continue to remember the 'fallen' (what a delicate and tasteful way of putting it for those that were ripped to pieces by shells, drowned in mud and riddled with machine gun bullets!), and that's what really counts.

Amongst those carrying photos I would have like to have seen prints of Otto Dix's illustrations of WW1 and the aftermath. They are by far the 'best' depictions of the horrors of the war I've met and every politician ought to have a photoframe on their desk scrolling through his illustrations to remind them.

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