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Re: Communal Dragonfly, Butterfly and Insect photo thread

Originally Posted by Walti View Post
It took me a while to get the cross eye technique... it does seem to be very sensitive to changes in the viewing distance for me... I usually use my laptop and have the screen nearly arms length away, this seems to work without any effort or eye strain, closer gives me a headache!

When explaining the technique to my wife I told her to cross her eyes until she saw a third image between the two originals then concentrate on that image - seemed to work for her!

Good luck!

Having said that my daughter simply can't get them at all!
Well I've tried with books and on the ipad and on the desktop and apart from eyes watering and everything going out of focus I fail.

And now apparently I have the start of a cataract in one eye, which is a worry as I do notice a loss of balance between the eyes. So I don't think I'm a likely candidate for natural viewing...

But thanks for the suggestions. I will just enjoy the pictures I can see
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