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Re: EM1 and Canon EF lens via adaptor any good?

Originally Posted by art frames View Post
Hi Kenny

I am thinking of getting a speedbooster (no glass) version to go from panasonic M4/3 to Canon to utilise a couple of good lenses. I am interested in your experience and all of the others who have tried. I am not interested in anything beyond or less than the full electronic compatibility. In your experiences and readings do you have any recommended sites and people to read and watch.

At the UK Birdfair panasonic have had a stand showing the use of adapted lenses alongside digiscoping and other integrations. I think they tend to come out as more compatible but I am just reading at the moment. I shall need to check if they have a dedicated panasonic team to talk to.

useful inputs.

I am afraid I am a regular user of and among their forums they have an "adapted lenses" thread. A lot has been written about a number of AF adapters mainly Metabones but also Kippon and a little about Commlite. Commlite seems to be the bottom of the pile and also the cheapest. It is a well made item but sadly my own is a waste of space because although it seems to snap into focus quickly, the focus is not accurate enough. The firmware is fixed and not capable of updating. Kippon is quite expensive and fairly well regarded and I believe it has has updatable firmware. The most common and most expensive is the Metabones, which I have resisted because the current uk price from the importers "lensadapter4u" of 340 is a bit too much. The advantage of metabones is that they have lists of Canon lens compatibilities showing speed and reliability of focus etc. They also seem to be continually looking at updating the operation of the adapter and updating the firmware. Updating on an Oly is just like other lens and body firmware update, you plug the body/adapter/lens into your computer and you use the Oly updater in the normal way. There is a lot of experience with Metabones on the dpr forums. Sorry if I sound like a sales pitch for Metabones, this is just as I am keenly watching the current state of adapters.
Bear in mind that all adapters have their limitations. There is no adapter from Canon to mft that allows C-AF, all at best allow S-AF only. It also seems that speed of focus will not be as good as a native mft lens, and will certainly vary lens to lens. A small number of niche Canon lenses may not AF at all even with a metabones. Most adapters transmit exif data, though for instance the Commlite does not do enough to set the ibis on my M1/1 to 400mm when my Canon 400/5.6 is mounted.
My interest in adapters is that I am convinced that my Canon 400/5.6L must be a far sharper lens than the only native mft lens at that length, and I would really like to prove that to myself. Manual AF on the M1 proves that fact, but I just cannot get on with MF any more. I do know that in my case birding with a dslr is much easier that with my M1, but after nearly 3 years of mft use, I almost detest using the Canon dslr, not because of its bulk, which is of no concern even at my advanced 78 years of age, but because of all the facilities at hand with mft compared with the antiquated ponderous Canon.
Just bite the bullet and buy the Metabones. The good thing is that they rarely come up used on ebay, and the ones that have appeared lately cost more than the current new price. So you always have a loe loss escape route if it doesn't work out for you.
Ihave not mentioned the Metabones "Speedbooster" adapters becuase you are not of interest to you. They have glass elements and they reduce the effective focal length of the lens in use and they increase the effective aperature of the lens. I so happens they they cost in excess of 600 a throw.
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