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Re: EM1 and Canon EF lens via adaptor any good?

Originally Posted by KennyC View Post
There is a lot of information on this exact topic on another site.
Metabones make dumb adapters with no glass and no electrical contacts, they make adapters with all electrical contacts but no glass, giving full exif data and full single auto focus. They also do a Speedbooster that has glass and full electrical contacts and both reduces the focal length of the lens being adapted, and widens its aperture.
I have the Oly M1/1 and a lonely Canon 400/5.6L left over from my Canon days which I still use on an old Canon body for birding. In my quest to use the Canon lens on the M1/1, I bought a Commlite Comix AF adapter giving exif data and auto focus. It came from Amazon for about 135; I would have bought the highly respected Metabones but at the time the price was almost 400, now down to 340 from "lensadapter4u" in the UK. I posted a mini review here saying the Commlite appeared to work well. Unfortunately my first impressions did not last long. It focusses very quickly, but unfortunately once the images can be viewed critically, focus is never good enough. The adapter is now just a useless paper weight. I have considered buying a Metabones, but the 340 added to the price that I could get for the Canon lens, would almost buy a panny 100-400mm. Nothing like as good a lens but it would have full functionality which adapted lenses never do. No adapter to mtf bodies provides continuous auotfocus for instance. My advice is that if you have a stack of Canons, buy a Metabones adapter. They are highly regarded and it appears that within what they can do, they perform well.
Thanks Kenny

There was a lot in your post to consider and I appreciate your input. However 340 is more than I am willing to invest. I only need this extra reach very occasionally and I am looking for a less expensive solution.

I have pretty much decided to try the Commlite and I am not concerned about the lack of continuous AF. The updated Commlite version would seem to offer me everything I need and if focus is not good enough not I could always return it.
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